I’m sorry this is so late, things have been pretty hectic with me taking a night class and Mason and I adjusting to daycare. 

This is the Cover Girl Full Lash Bloom. This isn’t a horrible product, but I won’t buy it again. The packaging is cute, which drew me to it. The mascara itself was just lackluster to me. I always get the darkest black, but when I applied this, it looked more gray than black. 

One of its selling points is that it’s flexible. It really was, my lashes didn’t have that stick feel to them due to the kind of rubbery texture it had. 

On the plus side though, it was pretty cheap, under $7.00. 

I’ll leave you with s picture of my son using his stall tactics to get out of going to daycare. Requesting a snack and taking off his shoes and socks when we get there.