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This may be a bit contradictory to last months post where I said I don’t like to buy expensive mascara. I still don’t like to spend a lot on it but the Tarte Lights , Camera, Lashes has me rethinking my stance.

Now I didn’t pay for this, I got it free around Thanksgiving when I ordered the Away Oui Go travel set from Ulta. The set came with one and then you got one free with any Tarte purchase.

It does exactly what mascara should do. It made my lashes look so long and thick. It lasts all day without smudging or flaking. When it time to take it off, it removes really easily.

If I had to find something wrong with it. I’d have to say the formula is a little dry. It’s so amazing though, I’d really overlook it.

You can get a full size tube at Ulta for $20.00. I’m really not okay with this. They do sell a deluxe size for $10.00 however. This was the free sample I received. I know size wise you’re getting so much more in the $20.00 tube but I have never, ever emptied a tube of mascara. So when I do buy this again, and I will, I’m going to buy the little one.