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Considering the title of my blog, you’d think mascara is my favorite thing on Earth. It’s actually my least favorite. It’s just not exciting. Quite a few of them sting my eyes. Also, I really don’t see a big difference in length or fullness. Just a difference in color.
It’s also not something I’m willing to spend much money on either. $54.00 for the Urban Decay Naked palette. I wouldn’t bat a beautifully shadowed eye. I got a sample of an Estée Lauder mascara that I really liked. I looked up the price, around $40ish and ran screaming from the room.
So I’m probably not going to review anything too expensive.
I’m going to start the year with L’Oreal’s Miss Manga. I posted about it in my Fall Essentials, but it was just the mascara I was using at the time.
I kind of feel indifferent about this mascara. It was a last minute purchase at Ulta when I went there late last summer. I was intrigued by the commercial and when it caught my eye on the way to the checkout I snagged it and never looked back.
I have no idea what a “Manga” is but I’m assuming by the little cartoony character on the package that it’s some sort of anime type thing. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
So after using this from October to December I’m going to give this one a C grade. It’s just average. I found it to be dry and clumpy. It was a very true black that I love but other than that it’s pretty unremarkable and I’d pass on buying this again.