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Okay this is long overdue, but here it is. In an earlier post I said how disappointed I was in this product. The link is below.

Find it here

So, I ordered mine from Sephora.com and tried to guess my shade by comparing it to the pictures on the website. Well, I was way off! It looked like I stuck a wet piece of paper on my face. It was awful. So I took a two hour road trip to Ulta. (I went for other reasons,not just to get foundation.) Who am I kidding, though I totally would drive two hours for foundation. While there I got color matched and let me tell you. It was a game changer!

So, I have a complete love/hate relationship with this foundation.

I’ll start with coverage, the coverage is awesome! I used such a small amount and it really went a long way. It’s really build able if you needed a little extra coverage.

Staying power, it does last über long with some touch ups needed in the t-zone.

However, here comes the hate. My skin breaks out so bad when I use it. I have never had breakouts as bad as when I use this.

Last but not least, I took my jaunt to Ulta in either June or July and it is November and it smells rancid. Which may be a good sign that it doesn’t have a ton of nasty preservatives it but for $29.00 it should last more than a few months before going bad.

So would I repurchase? In its current state, no. If made some improvements, for sure. The major factor in my decision is the rancid smell after using for just a few months.

Have a great day! If you’ve tried this let me know if you’ve had a similar experience or not! Thanks for reading!