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So I fell in love over the weekend with some new things. All of which are food related.

The first is, spicy brown mustard. I’m not a big fan of going out to eat. Troy loves to go out. So in my never ending quest to make him happy we went to a local place called Big City Eats. The place itself wasn’t all that impressive. The menu is just four kinds of hot dogs, pizza, and a Greek salad. I chose the New York style hot dog. It came with sauerkraut and spicy brown mustard. I’ve never had either. I can’t say that I would crave sauerkraut, it was edible. Though they did put way too much on it. The mustard however was divine! After finishing I went right to the grocery store and bought a bottle and have been slathering it on anything I can.

Second, Himalayan Pink Salt. I don’t salt a lot of food, I’m more of a pepper person. This salt is awesome though. It comes in a grinder so you get these little crunchy flakes. It’s also pink and looks really pretty on your plate. Another bonus, it’s not iodized so it doesn’t have that chemical, metallic taste regular salt has.

Third, Donut House Coffee for my Keurig. I like a good, strong coffee and this one really fits the bill.

Fourth, Vlasic Farmers Garden Dill Chips. Thick cut dill pickle chips, red peppers, carrot chips and whole garlic cloves. It looks pretty and tastes delicious. Enough said.

Fifth, and sixth, 2 (3) ingredient pumpkin muffins. Just a yellow cake mix, and a can of pumpkin. Mix them together ( I added pumpkin pie spice ). Put them in a lined muffin tin. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes. Easy and yummy. I didn’t get a picture because they got gobbled up so fast. I used my new Wilton cupcake scoops to make them. They come in 3 sizes, jumbo, regular, and mini. They were perfect for even, consistent muffins.

I hope you try some of my new favorites. Enjoy!