A few weeks ago there was a post about blogging suggestions. One of the recommendations was something along the lines of what books you’re reading and what people may think about you because of your choices.

I’ve been reflecting on the movies and tv shows I’ve rented or watched on Netflix this past month. If you were to judge me based on what I’ve been watching you may think I’m heading down the path of Dexter. You’d be wrong but I can see where you would come to that conclusion.

The weather here has been really gloomy. Instead of sunshine and flowers we’ve got dark skies, insane wind, and today we had snow. Yes, May 15th and it snowed. So I’m blaming my dark choices on the gloom and doom of our craptastic weather.

So my viewing choices have been:

Dexter All seasons
Two Zodiac movies
Evil Dead
Black Dahlia Murders
Under the Dome

There were a couple comedies thrown in there:
American Pie
The Heat

So I guess it’s not all gloom and doom.

The moral of this story is just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge a girl by her video rentals.

So what would people say about you solely based on your viewing choices?

I think my next post will be a review post. I went a little crazy buying some new products. I was going to try them out this week but Mason had other plans for me. 😉